I coach aspiring and confirmed angels 

to make a positive change in the world.


My job as a coach is to develop Activist Angels.


Activist Angels are people who change their communities, their environment, who invest either knowledge, financial or social capital, in others, for good.

Angels also need to take care of themselves to be able to influence the world.

​This is why I work with you on your vision, your legacy, your influence, ​but also your social and professional impact, your decision-making approach, ​and your leadership style.


I also introduce the context and impact of social business, during brandology or futurethinking sessions, workshops, networking events, conferences and webinars.


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Servane Mouazan

Coaching Angels


mobile:  +44.7932982379

email:   sm@servanemouazan.co.uk

"Servane Mouazan excels in Coaching and Leadership.

She is an inspirational mentor with a strong "Can Do" attitude and ability to bring people together from different backgrounds."




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